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Commitment to Sustainability

At Luxury Leaf, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our guiding principle. We pride ourselves on our transparent and eco-conscious supply chain, ensuring that every step from dirt to shirt is carefully managed to minimize environmental impact and promote social responsibility. Let's take a closer look at our processes:

Sustainable Hemp Manufacturing in China: Supply Chain and Factory Conditions


In China, our commitment to sustainability is evident throughout our supply chain and factory operations:

Fabric maker 

Supply Chain:

We strongly advocate for a transparent supply chain. Our factory in China primarily handles the knitting and dyeing aspects of our supply chain. We are committed to using only the highest quality yarn to ensure that every meter of fabric and every garment piece meets our quality standards. Our main fabric is a blend of hemp and organic cotton, with the hemp being of natural origin. While we have a better understanding of the demands in North America and Europe, we strive every day to gain insights into every step of our supply chain. This enables us to provide full transparency to our customers, giving them confidence in the environmental friendliness of our supply chain.

Dyeing Process and Yarn Composition
As China manufacturer we employ a reactive dyeing process, utilizing Sodium carbonate, bicarbonate, caustic soda, and salt to prevent color fading during washing. The yarn composition consists of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, with yarn counts ranging from 21s to 6s. Additionally, they produce 100% hemp yarn in NM24, NM36, totaling 7.5 million kilograms annually, along with 30 million meters of raw fabric each year.

We take pride in the certifications held by our manufacturing partner in China, which include:

Global Recycled Standards (GRS): This certification ensures the integrity of recycled materials used in our products, promoting resource efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): This certification ensures that our products meet strict organic textile standards, from raw material sourcing to labeling, emphasizing environmental and social responsibility throughout the production process.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100: This certification guarantees that our products are free from harmful substances, ensuring safety for consumers and workers alike.

Carbon Reduction Label: This certification demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions throughout our manufacturing processes, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.



Cut and sew

Factory Conditions and Worker Welfare

Our recent relocation to a new factory has been met with high approval from our workers. The factory boasts excellent ventilation and is equipped with ample heating for winter and cooling for summer. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, the premises are cleaned twice a week, ensuring a sanitary environment. At present, the big factory is a yarn factory, which is typically very large. We operate with 43 sewing machines and employ 30 workers, utilizing spacious areas for fabric cutting, collaboration, and storage. Our current production capacity stands at approximately 2000 units per day. Continuously striving for improvement, we are dedicated to upgrading our equipment and machinery to enhance efficiency, quality, and value for our clients.

Employee Welfare:

While our workers are at the factory, we provide them with lunch every day. Additionally, we offer complimentary tea and hot water. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, we enforce a maximum daily working limit of 9 hours. For those who opt to stay overnight, we offer free accommodation for the duration of their stay.

We prioritize treating our workers with respect and strive to exceed their expectations for working conditions. This commitment fosters a strong sense of loyalty among our workforce, leading them to consistently deliver high-quality workmanship in every task they undertake.

Labor Practices:

Our garment factory is smaller. It spans 13,000 square meters and operates with a workforce of 1,200 employees, working day and night shifts. Three meals a day are provided for all workers, and staff quarters are available for both employees and their family members. Paid leave is granted for public holidays, ensuring the well-being of the workforce. There is a strict policy against employing child labor, with all employees being over the age of 18. Additionally, health insurance coverage is provided, along with daily provision of protective equipment such as masks and uniforms.

Through our partnership with this ethical and responsible manufacturer in China, we uphold our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that every aspect of our supply chain reflects our values.

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