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Hemp Clothing Facts: 8 Benefits of Hemp Textiles & Clothing for People and the Planet

Hemp in it's raw form or as textiles/clothing is not a new phenomena. In fact, a bit of hemp fabric is quite literally the oldest relic in human history. This is an incredible testament to hemp's durability, resilience, and undying nature. That fact also highlights how hemp has always been a part of human civilization and more importantly, strengthens the argume

nt that hemp continue to be.

Hemp clothing is often touted for it's sustainability which it deserves to be. However, not only is hemp better for the Planet it is also much better for People when compared to other fabrics. Learn more about why you should wear hemp below.

Hemp textiles and clothing are anti-microbial.

Textiles and clothing made from hemp have been shown to be naturally resistant to bacteria and able to kill strains of staph on its surface.

Hemp textiles and clothing are UV protectant.

Hemp textiles and clothing are longer lasting.

Hemp textiles and clothing wear in not out.

As mentioned earlier, growing hemp has far reaching benefits for the Planet in addition to its benefits for People.

Hemp textiles and clothing save water.

Hemp requires 4x less water to grow than cotton and produces 2x the fiber yield per acre of arable land.

Hemp loves absorbing CO2.

Hemp restores and improves the soil where it is grown.

Hemp requires little to no pesticides or herbicides to grow.

We hope you enjoyed learning these facts about hemp textiles and clothing. Please leave a comment with your favorite fact and stay tuned for more blog posts!


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